The United States can only COVID-19 defeat by global solidarity

As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality there is in our world, none of us can truly rest. These are the words of my grandfather, Nelson Mandela. Today, these words can be for the world to remain an urgent call to action focused on the needs of social justice even in a time when our security and that of our family and friends threatened by the new coronavirus. My dear aunt, Zindzi Mandela, died last month, is COVID-19 positive As his family, we do not know the cause of his death. As the Madiba family, we have what I had done to make public who had tested positive for Covid-19 When my grandfather was still here, he mourns the Zindzi aunt died while every promoting millions to think of others around the world who continue to die of this disease because of their social situation and of the economic society. I guess that would give us 19-COVID together to fight anywhere, no one to leave behind. At first COVID-19 has often been presented as a great equalizer – a cause that knew no race, class, religion or color. But as soon as the growing global pandemic has emerged as a clear picture of how the use of inequality virus. In the United States, the virus has taken a disproportionate toll on communities of color. The APM Research Lab analysis has found that the deaths of blacks were human and indigenous people in the United States more than three times higher than that of whites. In my country, South Africa, COVID-19 hit to kill the poorest communities and most vulnerable hardest, like thousands of people in rural areas and communities. extreme poverty, people with diseases and other social evils of predisposing For too long we could not finish it. I’m excited to fight for social justice and a fairer world – and these are the same questions that fights my grandfather. The grandfather we would like to think more and do more for the less fortunate of the world, these disproportionately affected by COVID-19 in South Africa, the United States and around. COVID-19 cases in South Africa exceeded 500,000 hours and disease in Africa wins full speed. The world must move quickly to help contain the pandemic in the continent. In most vulnerable countries, we can more deaths from the pandemic in ripple effects, as seen from COVID-19 itself. Many of us fear that we are at a turning point – we could lose thousands or life COVID-19 and HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, after the gains that we have lost over the years made, or could these gains and saves thousands consolidate, or even millions of lives. A recent survey conducted by the Global Fund shows interruptions popular services for HIV, TB and malaria responses following COVID-19 In addition, recent studies by UNAIDS, WHO and the Stop TB deaths able to show as much as the double in the next year of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, if we do not act decisively to stop interference. The UN estimates that could cause disturbances health systems due COVID-19, 6,000 children die every day from preventable causes, including HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. In order to prevent thousands of avoidable deaths and halt the loss of more than a decade of progress in HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, and other diseases associated with the need to do more. World leaders must act decisively to the disastrous consequences of stopping in all countries to COVID-19 Risk The Global Fund has already near the US provided millions of $700 for emergency activities meet the COVID-19, nearly resources depleting the pandemic in low and middle income countries are struggling available. world leader on health have called on Congress to appropriate at least US $4 billion including emergency funding for the Global Fund to support these COVID-19 countries, to prevent the increase in deaths from HIV, tuberculosis and malaria and protect the health of workers. The United States has an important opportunity to invest more resources to lead the world in countries that are likely catastrophic consequences of COVID 19-suffering, although the US is fighting the disease at home. I urge the Congress needed for the Global Fund and other global partners to health to the side to put the resources to do their work for the most vulnerable countries support this disease and its impact combat. This is a time for global leadership and global solidarity. It is to vow a time that we can rest with social justice in the fight against COVID-19 runs through every town, every community and every village in the world all before. Just like my grandfather, who had driven to do.
Picture copyright by Kim Ludbrook EPA EFE / Shutterstock