Protesters gather outside the Postmaster General D. C. Beginning amid growing concern over USPS restructuring

The protesters with the group Except Down DC activists outside the Washington meeting, slamming DC house General Postmaster Louis DeJoy Saturday morning, pots and airhorns blasting what they said was (to defend USPS) to DeJoy the postal service the United States is a “Wake Up.” “You need the postal service for #DeliverDemocracy this fall. Stop the attack on our post! Tweeted” group. DeJoy, a top GOP and Trump campaign donors, was appointed in May and has a global restructuring of the Post Office, including a hiring freeze and other budget cuts launched that postal workers simply say their ability to provide so effective mail, the Post has recently 10% of its sorting machine service in institutions across the country, according to the Washington Post, which leads to a growing concern that the slowdown in mail delivery will only worsen. Last week, many examples of USPS workers presumably remove mailboxes were also documented on social media. Attention is increased to further DeJoy actions on Thursday after President Donald Trump seems to insinuate that he, unlike the finance post because it would make it harder for Americans vote by correspondence. Many states expand absentee ballots so the Americans have their lives not personally come COVID-19 rating means risking pandemic November. Read more: Donald Trump is making war on postal voting. The facts do not support it, “you need money to get the job at the post office, so that all these millions of ballots taken,” Trump said in an interview on Fox Business Network. “Well, if we do a deal, that is, they do not get the money. This means that they can not universal mail-in voting, they just can not have.” In the same interview, he also repeated the false claim that an increase in the mail would create, in coordination “one of the biggest scams in history.” In fact, it is in coordination with mail report very low rates of fraud. In a statement on its website, the out-Down DC on “purpose behind DeJoy appointment as Postmaster General was even more explicit” Trump interview on Thursday. “During a global pandemic, the post is essential for democracy: Postal workers are literally deliver democracy through safely deliver votes Americans. And Trump appointed DeJoy, an executive logistics, safer and more accessible on leichtesten way to vote too well, “the statement said. On Wednesday, he sent Democrats to Congress a public letter to DeJoy is worried that its restructuring is already causing delays in mail delivery, affecting essential services such as distribution paycheck, tax refunds and the existence of many small businesses and dissemination of vital drugs for many seniors sent through the mail. “It ‘s always important that the postal service is able to deliver mail in a timely and effective manner. As a once-in-a-century health and economic crisis COVID-19, the postal smooth running service is a matter of life and death, and is crucial for the protection of life, livelihood and life of our American democracy, “House Members have written. In a statement on Saturday, he said the president of the House Nancy Pelosi President Trump is “the post work openly to destroy and sabotage her absent capacity cards are counted to deliver on time … all patriots, democrats, independents or Republicans , the attack on the President should refuse to post this election season. ” Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren called for an internal investigation DeJoy shares, which was launched on Friday by the inspector postal service.
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