Puts Trump Organization, an apprentice ‘helicopter for sale

A Trump Organization marked helicopter in “The Apprentice” with Donald Trump headlines now president are for sale. 1989 Sikorsky S-76B, painted red, white and blue, the N76DT controller.com registration is listed without a price to sell. Helivalue, a helicopter assessment of the assets values ​​similar model for $400,000 to $950,000. Eric Trump, son of the president who led the family business, while his father was in the White House, confirmed the quote. “We currently have three helicopters and with my father in Washington (and not even allowed to use them), simply do not need them all,” Trump wrote in an e-mail. The aircraft are the waiting room in New York, Florida and Europe, and are probably two located in the US, he said. The helicopter was used by Trump to travel to the 2016 Republican Convention in Cleveland, where he was made officially named the party. African mahogany After listing, the aircraft with six seats has African mahogany finishes, ecru / Almond leather seats, with accessories, including belts, finished in gold. A broker for the sale, Emmanuel Dupuy, said he could not comment on the list because the information was private. The Trump Organization business includes hotels that have suffered in the crown pandemic. Government Trump Decree 2019 financial disclosure, an inaccurate view of his activities and income, was released on Friday evening and showed little change in properties like his Mar-a-Lago and Doral Resort in Florida and his hotel Washington. Trump presented the report page to get 78 an extension of their maturity date.
Picture copyright by Dominick Reuter AFP via Getty Images