Ignoring hospital policy, Vice President pence Tour Mayo Clinic maskless

Video Shooting the vice president Mike Pence visit to the Mayo Clinic on Tuesday he did not show any protective clothing, while a guide receives through the medical center of the device, despite requests that all patients and visitors wear lenses masks to help spread the COVID – 19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. “Patients and visitors are invited to bring their own coverage or face mask to wear. If a patient or visitor has no mask, giving a Mayo Clinic” the Mayo Clinic said in an April 13 press release. “Mayo shared politics to mask with the VP office,” he said the Mayo Clinic found in a statement at a time. The Mayo Clinic is located in Rochester, Minn., And is one of the premier locations on the crown research. Pence – who wears the crown White House Task Force – the center of the blood center and plasma donation visited about its testing program “moon-shot” for information on how to increase the testing capacity objectives of Minnesota to 20,000 tests per day . Video shows in one point at least ten people – including a patient – masks for Pence wearing masks while remaining less. Apparently he avoided shaking hands (election takes elbow to push), reports CNN that Pence was in fact not the only person in the entire building wearing a mask. His tour group apparently also could not resist the 6 feet apart to be recommended. spreading to allow the pence and the decision of the clinic after criticism of both behavioral him without a mask Insert Line began Mayo Clinic tweeted at 2:18 that “he had informed the masking policy before his arrival today Mayo Clinic @ VP. ” The tweet was deleted there. Read more: The ethics of wearing (or not wearing) a mask during the coronavirus pandemic “As Vice President of the United States I have periodically subjected to the crown, and all those who are around me tested for the crown,” Pence he told reporters on Tuesday afternoon. He added that it was sent to the CDC guidelines for use masks, in particular masks for people who are recommended – in charge of the crown to minimize the risk of its spread – or believe they may have. However, in early April updates the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) his prediction that the public recommended – even for people who have no symptoms crown – wear masks not doctors or “fabric covers face” when the potential of the public to prevent transfer. While First Lady Melania Trump a video released to encourage Americans to wear masks, President Trump said that he does not, the CDC plans to follow the guidance program. “I do not have the crown, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to be here,” he told Pence journalists, “to be able to talk about this incredible health personnel by these researchers and look them in the eye and say thank you.” In a later Tweet that the clinic was “grateful” for the visit pence. “We look forward to further cooperation essential tests and treatment for our patients and communities to develop,” he continued the tweets.