As founder startup jewelry Chari Cuthbert his company moved to a work from home operation

The world of jewelry, usually not accessible to anyone looking for an affordable-but-rugged pair of earrings, has seen a boom in recent years, fueled in part by jewelry company built on business models, direct-to-consumer. Among the many brands of jewelry, which is largely grown on internet ByChari, founded in 2012 to Cuthbert Chari “address gaps in the market for large pieces of a open minded price,” he says. While Cuthbert of professional jewelry designer, has the 19-COVID pandemic forced to move in a factual context. She leads a team of five people, and feels responsible that all are in good health, because the company designing jewelry and sell it on. If the virus is stopped, the Los Angeles has taken this year, based company already used online interaction with customers, a move relatively easy work from home life. The staff packed their workshops on transforming their dining tables in dispatch stations and started jewelry orders from delivery. “Fortunately, jewelry is mobile,” Cuthbert, 36, says. Since Cuthbert’s team is relatively small, it is easier for them to frank discussions of all managers during a pandemic and take the necessary precautions to ensure that people have to be kept. ByChari recently allowed workers back to the office if they have voted this way. Employees who was tested for Corona returned, receive regular monitoring of temperature, and they work with acrylic barriers their desks per share. “And ‘know the peace of mind that they engage in the things may be, they do what they have to do and go home, and not to jeopardize their family or your spouse, if they do,” he says. “We do it the team with the agreement. It is based on how they feel and what they need to get done.” On the site ByChari able to provide customers with a range of choices and prices of trendy tire with delicate chains stackable rings that cost anywhere from $20 to $500 discovery. Cuthbert recognizes that if people with sickness or unemployment or the prospect is blocked for several months at home, to buy jewelry is a top priority not for everyone. So she wants to meet the customer on their level. “To provide one of the most important things at the moment capable of quality pieces in every price range,” he says. “Especially with the uncertainty of income and expenditure at this time we really focus our concerns on pieces that someone can be achieved.” For Cuthbert, purchase and may be looking for a way to new pieces of jewelry, in order to break the monotony that many people feel in times pandemic. The days of dressing for the office are on break right now, but, as she points out, people wearing a new necklace or a nice pair of earrings for a video call. “Jewelery is something that you can put on and easy to feel really good about yourself,” he says. “More than ever, we are very important, we have found that people who want to be able to get about yourself something nice to feel good.” While ByChari has directed all kinds of consumers, the company focuses on mothers magic with the hashtag #BYCHARIMAMAS with stories of mothers on their website, and promotion of pieces that identifiers such as “Mama” and “Mama”. Since the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States and around the world continue, forcing parents in a battle to balance school, work and life, Cuthbert says he thought of the mothers have their own customer base, both family and their company, “the balance is able to work from home and some take care of your kids all day, in any case, for most people have been really difficult,” he says. “We really stressed that the message of love itself-just take a bit ‘of time for themselves, although we know with kids screaming in the background, is kind of impossible.”